I am a Bilingual Dj that plays music in English and Spanish. I carry a big selection of music in many Genres. 

English Music:70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, Disco, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Dance, Funk, R&B

Musica en Español: Cumbia, Banda, Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton, Rock & Español, Bachata, Sonidera, Norteñas, Corridos, Baladas, Mariachi, Trios, Pop.

My whole life i been surrounded by music, i can thank a great deal of that to my father, you see he was also a DJ. My parents migrated to the U.S. in the 90's  from mexico and my dad continued to DJ. I remember he had many events. Mostly Spanish, mostly Birthdays and Babtisms. I remeber going to help at a very young age so i was contanly exposed to music that made people dance, and request that kept us on our toes. As i grew older and knowlegable on music i started to go with him to house parties and took care of the english music. By age 16 i was being dropped off at my own events while my dad would go out and do another one. Its this that i belive has given me a huge edge on parties today. My father was always busy but he never made a living off DJ, he always had "another" job. He eventually grew uninterested in it and the parties slowly started to fade. 

I headed to college thinking i wanted to be a computer technician. I finished my studies, and found a job as a computer technician. After a few month i realized i hated the job. It was too slow for me, no excitement. Discontent with my carrer i played with the idea of Djing again. After all my dad was still getting call for parties from previous clients and we still had all equipment.

One day a call came in for a birthday and decided to take it. After that birthday it was that it clicked on me that, this is what i wanted to do. Being in a fun, fast pace enviroment. That party led to another and that one to another. Eventually i quit my job and devoted full time to the craft. I been doing this now professionally now for 12 year. 

When i say professionally, what i mean is that this is the only thing i do now. I dedicate my time to making sure im always up to date with the latest music. Constanly practicing to keep my skills sharp. Maintaining and Upgrading equipment to ensure events always go as planned. Most important be available when you need me to go over any detail big or small.

I travel to Los Angeles, Orange County, & Inland Empire for any special occasions but I specialize in Weddings.